Saturday, December 12, 2015

Cat Bed Update

Making more cat beds for this winter season as my cats like to use them anywhere in the house I can find a spot they like.  I started out this time making the 14" size and noticed that though the cats will use them, they seem to prefer the larger ones for long time naps as they can easily move around in them and even sleep together.  My cats range from 7 lbs to 17 lbs and varying lengths.  The old original bed I had bought years ago is too small, I'm going to give away as the cats will not use it but all the rest seem to get used.

 The green bed is the 14" size.  Black Goldie can curl up in it easily as she only weighs 7lbs but her son Butch (on the right) is 17# and barely fits in. I probably won't make any more that size again.

The black bed on the left is 18" and easily fits 2 large cats but they are stuffed so a 19" would probably work better for them.  The brown one on the right is 17" and will also fit 2 cats at once but fits a single cat very nicely.  The brown one below is 16x18 (oval instead of a circle).  Rainey enjoys it as it sits next to my reading chair.  She's not a lap cat but does enjoy being close.  When she's not in it though, others will hop in to be next to me.  She's not happy about that and will pace the house for awhile until whomever has taken it over, gets out.  She's picky that way.
 Another thing I've noticed is that the cats like to rest their head on the side of the beds, hence the following pictures showing them.

Note that all of these are the 14" size beds.  No two come out exactly alike but they will use them especially if they feel cold.

The pattern for these beds is here

Friday, November 27, 2015

More progress on the Row by Row

Have to laugh.  At this rate, I don't think I could get one done for next year's row by row hop.  I'll try though.  So back to the progress on the 2015 RbyR.  Guess I'm taking little steps at a time.
Need borders for a couple of the rows to get them to fit in the quilt.  Ran out of the dark blue fabric and haven't tried looking for more so bought some of a similar color but with a design and hope it works out ok.  Meanwhile making cat beds.  Not even progressing very fast on those.  I've had 6 cut out for a week now and just sit and look at them every now and then while I get busy on the computer doing just "stuff".  After this is posted, will turn off the computer.  (ha! you say).

Here's the latest pic of the RbyR.  Had it to this point about 3 weeks ago.
I will say that the mermaid was really fun to do.  Hardest part was finding the right fabrics in my stash to make it similar to the store's colors in their row..  The background came out so well.  Really pleased with it.

Meanwhile, contacted the Wyoming shop we had to pass up on our way home (Lickety Stitch Q.S. in Lusk) and bought their row kit when it was available to buy.  Beautiful row.  Going to get the row from Bandera, TX as it's also a beauty.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Progress on Row X Row at last.

Oct 19
Finally.  The baby quilt is almost all done now; just hand sewing on the last of the binding when I meet with my bee.  That has given me time to work on the last 3 rows for my quilt.  One row is 90% complete, with just putting the finishing touches on the applique.  The next row  has the appliques all cut out, and now working on the background.  Work on the last row will probably start on Sunday.

The spring quilt has gone to a long arm machine quilter to have it quilted as I just did not want to spend the time to hand quilt it or machine quilt it on my home machine.  There is so much green on it, even the backside.  Looking forward to getting it back though I'll have to do the trimming and binding.

Nov 7: Updates on above.  A lot has happened.

First the baby quilt is done except for the label and hanging sleeve as I plan to put it in the Bear Creek Quilt Guild's Quilt Show next February.

The spring quilt has been machine quilted by a friend, Traci of "Let Me Quilt It", in Keller, TX.  I still have to trim off the edges, bind it and make the hanging sleeve as it will also go in same Quilt Show.

Meanwhile, have progressed on the Row by Row.  Though the RbyR "contest" is over, that doesn't stop me from making the quilt and I have decided to make it even wider so adding two more rows.  Row # 10 is being worked on now.  When it's done, I'll do the finishing touches on the rows and start machine quilting the individual rows before putting them all together.

The quilt will now have a row from Stanwood, WA and one from Stillwater, OK. The Stillwater row is the one I'm working on now.  The quilt will actually "sport" 12 rows but 2 of those rows have been separated out and 1 of those is actually a duplicate of one of the other rows. Maybe next year, I'll just do 4 rows on the front and 4 on back as a few other quilters ended up doing so it ends up the size of a baby quilt or good for a reversible wall hanging.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Few of the Quilt Shops we visited this past summer

I was asked if I had taken any photos of our travels and especially some of the quilt shops along the way.  Alas, I didn't get any inside photos but did take some outside photos of these shops.
Here's some of them.  Wish I had remembered to take them all.  Next year, I'll get some inside photos and I'll have my Bobbin Robin to go along with me.

Quilt Works in Albuquerque.
Great shop!  Lots of fabric and personable staff.
That's my Thunderbird in front.
Desert Rose Center in Tucumcari New Mexico
  Alas, not open on Sunday which is the day we went by them
 but took the photo anyway.  They are on the Old Route 66.

Great Plains Quilt Company in Burlingame, Kansas.
Another nice shop to visit in a beautiful town.

Quilter's Cupboard in Akeny, Iowa.  Cute little shop with more fabric than you'd think it could hold.
That's our Thunderbird in front.
Desert Rose Quilt Shop in Sioux Falls, SD.
Liked their pattern!
Quilter's Headquarter's in Sioux Falls, SD
An added bonus that they had a Quilt Trail block on their shop.

Here's the location of the Quilt Show where one of the vendors attending
 brought in their row by row license plate for me.
Lickety Stitch Quilt Shop in Lusk, Wyoming
Alas, another that we missed because we were traveling thru on Sunday.
Looks like it's a great shop.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Baby Quilt and my Bobbin Robin

I've posted before about starting this baby quilt.  It's from a pattern from Quilter's Dream in Colleyville, TX that they sold, called "Fishy Chevron" which was adapted from Scrappy Chevron by Libby Prather and uses Quilter's Dream 2015 Row pattern.  Anyway, the quilt is almost all done, just sewing on the binding now.
Meanwhile, I also picked up the "Bobbin Robin" pattern that was presented this year for Row by Row participants to make and use on their travels. Got her finished last week as I didn't pick up the pattern until we got back from our trips.  She's making her entrance on this blog with her first Row pattern and quilt.  She'll also be around when my Row By Row quilt is finally finished and if I remember, she'll be around when I visit shops next year for Row by Row 2016.  btw.  the theme will be announced tomorrow, Oct. 9.

In the picture on the left is "Bobbin Robin" then Beverly Ingram, owner of Quilter's Dream, and me on the right.  You should see this quilt made from batiks and Moda fabrics.  Really stunning.

yt1 (Rainey had to post!)

Beverly suggested that I  show you what I did with Bobbin Robin's boots.
As suggested in the pattern, I had bought shoes designed for 18" dolls (American Girl type dolls).  Went to Walmart and they had a little package of boots for less than $4.  They are slit up the back to make it easy for a child to slip on the doll (since the doll's feet don't bend).  

After I had made Bobbin Robin and got her stilt legs readied to put into her body, I needed a way to use the boots to help hold her steady while I fit the legs to her body.  I had a couple of empty plastic spools from Coats & Clarks  (size that holds 300yds) that just barely squeezed into the boots.  They held in enough that they could be used to steady her body while I adjusted where they went into her body.  I then thought that I would probably only need to use the air dry clay (suggested in the directions with the pattern) to permanently hold the spools inside and there would still be enough clay inside the boot to give the boots the weight needed to hold everything steady when all was done.  That meant that she could have a change of shoes in the future.

So, I put a couple of wads of the clay inside each boot pushing it solidly into the toe area and leaving a good layer on the bottom to push the spools into. 

When you push down on the spools into the clay, it's going to go into the holes in the bottom of the spool but you don't want the center hole full of clay .  It's ok for it to go into the other holes in the spool as it helps hold the spool into the shoes.  This way, you can remove Bobbin Robin from her shoes and change to another set of shoes in the future, since her legs won't be stuck in the shoes permanently.

 I then used one of the stilts (wooden skewer) to push down the clay in the center hole to kind of squeeze it out of the center hole thru the bottom so the center hole wouldn't get filled up with clay.  I did that so both legs would sit at the same level in the boots and it helps balance Bobbin Robin. 

I had left the spool tags on the top end as one was made in the USA and the other in Eygpt, but it's not necessary.

If you use normal shoes instead of boots for your Bobbin Robin, you can probably still use spools in those shoes and either paint the spool or leave a layer of thread on the spool as "socks".  I haven't tried that yet.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

My Row by Row Experience continued

Have you asked others about what to do with all the row patterns you may have collected over this past summer?  Some have not liked the look of the different rows together in one quilt if using the suggested fabrics.  As I looked thru the winning quilts turned in and shown on facebook, some had coordinated their fabrics as they added the rows.  It really made some nice looking quilts.

At bee last week, I was asked to show my "baby quilt" to a scrap class, to show the class that a row could be used in other quilts besides an official "row by row"  AND that a person did not have to use the fabrics suggested for a row pattern, just that the row is built using the pattern.  That means one did not have to purchase the kit offered by the store to complete the row.

BTW, the baby quilt was made from a supplemental pattern  offered by Quilter's Dream quilt shop in Colleyville, TX that included their row in the pattern.  My baby quilt was made with calico fabrics; their pattern sample used bright batiks.

What I did to get a coordinated look in my Row by Row quilt that I've started (still not finished yet) was to pick an overall background fabric to use in each row.  I also used some other fabrics for other parts of the rows and made sure to use those fabrics in several of the rows, like adding in the Row by Row raindrop fabric in place of sky backgrounds.

Other things to do with your Row by Row Experience patterns is to use them to make baby quilts, Table Runners,  Bed runners, and even small wall hangings from single rows that you may have thought outstanding.

Since I collected so may row patterns this summer, I've been able to sort them into categories to get future coordinated looks in some quilts.  I even have a couple planned to give to those that helped along the way.  I just have to get going on those!

On a Side note, I'm sad to say that Lone Star House of Quilts has closed.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Traveling and Row by Row

Spent the last 3 weeks traveling, visiting quilt shops along the way for Row by Row and touring at other times.  Have plans for two small RbyR Experience quilts for friends as a result along with a couple of  travel quilts for the trips.

The first part of our trips was to Albuquerque, NM for a CTCI convention.  Decided to visit Roswell quilt stores along the way to.  Worth the trip just for their RbyR plates which had UFO logos:  "UFO Stash" and "UFO's do Exist."  The last one came in handy for our later trip to the Badlands of South Dakota.

 Also went to 5 shops in the Albuquerque area and picked up more patterns and license plates..  Btw, the license plates are fabric so they can be sewn into or appliqued to a quilt or jacket.  The plates might still be available at some shops if you're interested in them.  Just give the participating shops a call to see if they still have any on hand.

Just a day after returning from Albuquerque,  went up to Ardmore, OK to a couple of quilt shops there as they weren't going to be open (too early in the day) when we passed thru the next day on our way to Wisconsin.  Picked up their license plates and patterns and decided they were both close enough to add to my guild's Quilt Shop list.

The next day we took off for Wisconsin, via Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, and then into Wisconsin to visit some friends.  Of course, along the way, visited numerous quilt shops.  The further north we went, I noticed that some of the shops got bigger than those I was used to.  I could have spent hours in them but my time was limited and I didn't want to make my spouse unhappy as he was quite willing to take me to the shops. Many of the shops were out of plates but had them on order so I was able to order them.  Luckily I was still able to pick up a plate for each state.  Now is just the wait for the ordered plates to arrive in the mail.

While in Wisconsin, the one quilt shop that I needed the pattern for, also had their plate.  It's perfect for the little quilt I plan to make for our friends which will be called "Cabin Up North" and feature several of the rows I have picked up that remind me of their place.  These friends have one of our kittens from Goldie, "Silver," only now they call him Bowdy as Silver reminded Larry of "Silver Bow" a honey supplier that was in Snohomish WA at one time.  That morphed Silver's name to Silver Bow to Bowdy.  I took numerous photos of Bowdy while there along with other pics.  Bowdy is almost as good at curving his tail as Gypsum is.

After our 3 day visit there we left for South Dakota Black Hills and the Badlands to hook up with our retrobird friends for 4 days of touring Mt Rushmore, the Badlands, Custer State Park (plenty of bison there), Safari jeep tour,The Needles (and Eye of the Needle tunnel), Crazy Horse Memorial, Rochford, AND a large quilt show in Hill City.  Cruising these places with 46 cars that "look alike" is a blast! especially with friends you only get to meet once or twice a year.
Below we're on Safari Tour to view the Bison at 
Custer State Park.  Just part of the herd.

This also meant that we stopped at a couple more quilt shops in South Dakota before meeting our friends in Mitchell, SD.  Alas, didn't get to pick up any plates from them but do have one on order. The SD plate's background features the Mt Rushmore heads so really wanted that one to commemorate the tours.

 However, at the Quilt Show, one of their vendors, Nuts and Bolts Fabric Shop from Edgemont, SD, who was participating in the Row by Row and still had some plates left over but had not brought them to the show.  They promised to bring them the next day which was the day we were leaving so we just delayed our departure a little bit and stopped by.  I now have a South Dakota plate AND it has the logo: "Nuts Abt Bolts" - kind of fitting for the tour. Alas, will not be able to get their row until Nov 1 due to RbyR rules.

 I did see on line that one shop quit selling their plates on line or by phone so that traveling visitors could get one if they wanted one but that was back in June. A few shops had run out before the end(Sept 8) and decided not to reorder since it was so close to the end of the RbyR Experience.  One shop had to reorder their plates 4 times over the course of the 3 months this shop hop was running so it's a popular shop hop for quilters.

I appreciate what this Row by Row Experience has been for me.  It's rekindled some of that fire to make quilts that I had lost over the past 10 years.  I enjoy the challenge that each row brings as each hones in on different piecing and applique skills that I haven't awhile.  and I think that spouse would like me to make some table runners or even a bed runner from some of the row patterns I've picked up.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Row by Row progress

Really haven't made progress on the Row by Row since I finished up the started rows.  Took a little rest and started using some calicos that a friend have given me.  I still used a row though in this new quilt.  The top is almost done and hope to get it done tomorrow at bee.  Meanwhile, here's the results so far.  This has been fun to do.

I'm half way through completing the rows for the chevrons.  Hope to get it done tonight if I can stay awake as bee is tomorrow and I don't want to take it down until all the diagonal rows are sewn up.  Half way through doing that.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Retreat time

Spent the last 4 days on retreat with my Bee friends.  We had a great time, the 8 of us, however, 3 had to leave a day early due to other commitments.  Quite a sight to see them pack all 3 into 1 SUV along with all their sewing machines and fabric bags, etc.  It was quite quiet (hey, when do you ever get to see those two words together!) after they left as they were the talkers in our bee. We really missed them.

While there, I was able to make it down to Granbury to visit Houston St. Mercantile for a little bit, mainly to pick up their row and license plate but also to pick up some fabric to finish up a couple of the rows already started.  As for my quilting, finished up 4 more rows for the Row by Row and added the final borders to the spring quilt so here's the results.

  Now to get the back together so it can be quilted.

The rows used so far were from  Kaleidoscope Quilt Shop, Whitesboro; Lone Star House of Quilts, Arlington; Not Your Mama's Quilt Store, Plano (don't you just love the splash blocks, so fun!); Peggy's Quilt Studio, Pantego, (added some extra fish here); and Sew So Easy, Saginaw;  plus the block pattern from the row by Quilting Mayhem, Snohomish, WA.  Note, these were done with my own fabric choices so that the whole group coordinates.  I won't be sewing the blocks and rows together until I've completed all the rows so this placement may not be my final placement.

I have enjoyed doing the different techniques these rows have required.  It really has rejuvenated my quilting desire so that I'm eager to do more. I would say that so far, most of the rows have required some experience with piecing as the directions have been minimal.  The easiest so far is doing the applique (both Not Your Mama's Quilt Store and Peggy's Quilt Studio used applique as did part of the row from  Passtime.  

 It's been awhile since doing any applique so asked my bee what was the best iron-on to use now for applique.  They  recommended using Trans-Web as it's easy to use, doesn't gum up needles and allows you to re-position an applique if necessary.  Of course, all the applique needs to be machine sewn around the edges to keep it there more permanently.

The other 3 rows will be from Passtime Fabrics, Gainesville; Quilter's Dream, Colleyville; and Quilt Country, Lewisville.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Spring Quilt Progress Report 2

Finally, got all the sashing in the quilt so now it's ready for me to cut the border.
Had hoped to do that today but had to get the car washed and tomorrow need to get it cleaned on the inside.  If I can get that done in the early morning,  I might just get to putting the borders on it.  They will not be pieced, just bars of a fabric I picked up along with the rest of the fabric in the quilt.  Right now the quilt is 48" wide and about 50 inches long.  Not sure how wide the borders are going to be but it's a wide print so they may be 8" on each side.  Will bind it in brown once it's layered, backed and quilted.

Forgot to add; there was only 1 yard of fabric for the sashing so there's a lot of piecing going on in the sashing but I made it! with about a 4x8 inch piece left over.  I was sweating it there for awhile.

Sunday will be reserved for attending a memorial service for Sandy Wroe, one of my bee members who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in May.  Such an insidious cancer since it stays hidden until it's in the late stages of cancer.   She died this past Sunday.  We all miss her.

and back to Row by Row.  Still haven't started on a single row but am also still collecting row patterns.  Last weekend (July18), was down in Arlington, TX for a weekend car show and decided to spend a few hours visiting 4 shops there. Two in Arlington and two in Pantego, TX, all within 2 miles of each other.
so I picked up the rows for:

1. Lone Star Quilts
2. Quilt Among Friends
3. Peggy's Quilt Studio
4. Sew Fabricated

It really is time to lay out the rows and decide which ones to make for my first RbyR quilt.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Spring Quilt progress report

The spring quilt is coming along.  Have two rows completed but run out of fabric for the green sashing by just a small amount.  I have enough to do all the blocks I want EXCEPT for the green sashing on one of them and the very last bit of green sashing at the bottom row.
Here's what I have together so far:

I have two choices to make, 1 call the shop I bought the fabric from and see if they have any left at all and have them mail it to me, or delete one of the center bluebonnet  rows.  I have decided to just do it one row at a time so that is what I'm working on today.

btw, the pattern is a take-off of one from a video that I watched put out by the Missouri Star Company.  I didn't use the 10inch squares as in the video but 4 1/2 by 8 1/2 inch cuts from fabric I had on hand.  I may be adding embellishments when the top is done.  Haven't decided on that yet though.

Meanwhile, Have been visiting shops in the area since the Row by Row Experience 2015 started in June.
Have collected license plates and row patterns from each of them.  Here's my list:

  1. Quilter's Dream  (this is where my bee meets)
  2. Richland Sewing Center
  3. Sew It Up (please check store days and hours as I didn't!)
  4. Suddenly Sewing  
  5. Must Love Fabrics
  6. Pass Time Fabrics
  7. Sew So Easy
  8. Kaleidoscope Quilt Shop
  9. Minding My P's & Q's
  10. Material Girl Quilt Shop
Is that all?  no, There's more.  Wanted some more rows so this past Saturday, visited 5 more shops since I was in North Dallas for a club meeting.  Planned to only visit 3 but when I went to #1 on the next list, they told me about 2 more that were on my route, all on Coit Ave.  Thank you, The Fabric Affair!

  1. The Fabric Affair
  2. Sew Let's Quilt It (a wanted block with a west Texas theme)
  3. The Best of Bernina Plano
  4. Not Your Mama's Quilt Store  (love this row)
  5. Quilt Country
A side note.  Both The Fabric Affair and Suddenly Sewing are owned by two brothers whom I had worked with at JoAnn Fabrics 20 years ago.  They were young at the time, me, not so.  Glad to see them owning and running their own stores.

Now, those are not the only quilt stores I'm getting rows from.  Have my daughter and son both visiting a couple of quilt stores in WA state.  Have already received the row for one of them with the other on it's way, so that makes 17 in all.
and Next November, when the quilt stores can sell their rows via the mail, if they want to, there is one more row I plan to get unless I can get someone to visit Seattle to pick it up for me.

I vowed though to not work on any Row by Row's until I have the spring quilt top finished.  Oh my, building up my unfinished projects again!  Better get to work on my spring quilt.  and I think I better take some of my ufo's to my next bee retreat.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Spring is here! with another project started.

A lot has happened this past month.  Still working on the Jacob's Ladder project.  However, also have done some quilt fabric shopping and am excited by my latest color additions to the stash.  So let me tell you about part of last weekend.  Spent Saturday and Sunday in Granbury, Tx and only visited one shop:  Houston Mercantile Fabrics on the Square  in Granbury.  "On the Square" means the original center of town which was built around the Hood County Court House.  There are shops and parking on all 4 side streets around  the court house.

Texas Courthouses are a hobby in itself with well over 200 old style Courthouses built from the 1880's to the 1920's  to find in the 254 counties.  of those over 200 courthouses, 63 have been restored to their former self.
I digressed from today's blog subject:
Here's the 5 fabrics I found that I couldn't resist.  Started out with the bottom one and added the other 4 as their colors all went together.

Have already started the first project which is almost finished.  Just covering some rectangular frames with each of the fabrics for a wall decor item.  
Next project with the fabrics will be an illusion quilt with "floating" blocks of color.  Above is the sample:  Already have two of the fabric cuts made.  Now to cut the strips and start putting it together. 
 The colors so remind me of the spring we are having now.  

Since the middle of April, we've been getting much needed rain.  Enough so that the lake behind our place has replenished itself after 3 years of drought and has even flooded over into nearby fields and our back acre. We had been getting worried about enough water to keep the fish alive.  Not so now.  I've never seen our land as saturated with water as it is now and the rain keeps coming.  Of course, we've only been here 8 1/2 years so haven't seen a lot of the local, rural weather.

All the trees in the county and the surrounding counties have turned a deep, dark, rich green which I have never seen them do in the past and the fields are full of lush greens.  Such a variety of greens.  Since the trees are greening up at different rates depending on type, they make some beautiful contrasts.

 The wildflowers are plentiful with many sprouting up where I had never noticed them in the past.  I've even found several species I hadn't noticed before in my own fields.  I think this spring is what is making me excited about doing this project with these fabrics.

Of course, all my time wasn't spent in 1 shop as we were there to watch a play and also eat!  Just can't get away from that daily habit.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

My Jacob's Ladder Project part #10

Worked on the first quilt again.  Got all the blocks taken apart. Now in the process of rearranging.  Started putting them on the wall.  Realized that I needed a few more blocks (or so I thought).  Wasn't hard to put together two more blocks so ended up with this arrangement

After getting them all sorted out, realized that I had a 6x7 arrangement.  I had planned a 6x6!  Guess I had too much fun putting them all together on the wall.  Now I'm not sure what I'll do.  Either take out 7 blocks and get some of the blocks out of there that just don't seem to fit or leave it as is.

I've been taking pics of different arrangements and moving blocks around as it is.  I also found that somehow, 3 blocks are identical.  Don't know how I ended up with 3 identicals but don't remember what I was doing exactly, 2 1/2 years ago when I started this whole thing.  There are a couple of floral blocks that also don't fit well in the quilt.  so, that makes 4 blocks that I can easily remove.  Just need to decide which other 3 I don't really need.  Might make the flow of light to dark easier to manage.

Here it is with 6 removed (didn't need to remove 7 - got to get my math right)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Catification Progress

The first phase of the catification project in the living room is complete.  Just one more thing to do to the TV cabinet area and that phase will be done.  The two boys use the new "steps" easily now.  The climbing pole has been turned around and that helped them get up and down even better.  I've also been leaving treats on the steps which they enjoy finding.  Gypsum seems to get the most but Butch is in there trying, too.  Rainey has tried out the steps a couple of times but she's not making any habit right now of going up them. Goldie hasn't even been interested.
A couple of portraits of Gypsum and Butch since these steps have lent themselves to making decent photos of them.

This last photo is the goal.  The place that Gypsum and Butch .... and Rainey ... and Goldie like to get up and away from the floor and sleep in peace.  There is room for 4 up there.  Both beds will hold 2 but there are not 4 cats in this house that will sleep together, just 3.  It's rare for Goldie to sleep with both of her kids at the same time but Rainey definitely likes to sleep alone.  It also appears that Scooter will be like Rainey in that regard.

The last part of this catification project will be the down side on the other end of the cabinet.  That's the one that Rainey needs.  I have started clearing away the clutter on the end table but still have to find a spot for the flashlights and the picture frame. Maybe I'll have to get the turkey closet emptied out.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Scooter, a month later

Scooter is calming down a little bit.  Spouse has been letting her roam the house for the last 2 weeks, so I also let her out during the day.  She's getting so she doesn't slink around in all the rooms.  If she sees another cat, she just hisses at them and debates whether to turn around or continue on.  If one is blocking her way to her room though, she charges with growls, hisses and a swat or two on her way by to her room.  The other cats just look at her, none willing to stand up to her at that point.  She does not like going past a cat that is sitting above her and with let out nasty howls & loud growls like she's being killed, when all they're doing to her is looking at her as she goes by them.

As you can tell, her room is her sanctuary.  Even with the screen door open to the rest of the house, she sleeps there during the day.  Lately it's been up by the window on her knitted blanket.

Butch will watch her from afar, low growling as he does.  Gypsum just watches and will hiss if she gets too close.

I've been trying out the Spirit Essences scent, Peacemaker, but not sure if it's working or if it's just that she's getting used to the house and the presence of other cats.  Getting drops on all of their coats is a challenge.  If they see that dropper coming at them, they will try to avoid.  I think it reminds them of my using the eye dropper on their eyes as kittens or when I had to put drops in their ears.  I don't think they like the alcohol  smell that is in the drops, either.  I've tried it on their water, but then they avoid drinking from that particular container.  Don't dare to try it on their food because of their immediate reaction to the alcohol smell. At this point, I'm not sure if she'd do better on one of the other Essences than the one I got.

George no longer spends long times at night with her to keep her company and she's ok with that now.  He just kept that up for about 3 weeks.  I found that I just couldn't sleep on her couch for more than a couple of hours.  Even so, she'd sleep on top of me or down by my feet.

  We do play with her in the evening in her room which she enjoys.  She likes to play with the string attached to the wand, but not with the ball at the end of the string.  She also likes to attack the wand when it's being swished under her tent.  Catnip doesn't seem to interest her.

As for her visit with the vet a month ago.  He figures she's between 10 and 12 years old.  She had already lost most of her teeth through decay and gum disease and had to have surgery to remove her last 2 teeth.  She recovered from that well.  Vet also said to keep her on her normal diet as  she's quite healthy.  Since the dental surgery, her gums have healed and she's learned how to use her mouth to pick up things without a problem.

Rainey mostly ignores her, except when she hears one of the other cats in trouble with her.  Then Rainey will move to see what's going on and is ready to interfere on her friends behalf if we're not around to interfere ourselves.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My Jacob's Ladder Project, Part 9

Finally, the last 4 blocks are done and I've been rearranging the blocks.  It's in kind of an order, mainly trying to keep the lighter blocks together and the darker blocks together, but not quite.  Still had to please my eye and make both quilts have the same color blocks in the same spot on each quilt.
Here's what I have at the moment.  Of course I'm going to let it sit for awhile while I piece the sashing and cornerstones though I am pleased with this placement.

I might even have these 2 quilts done in time for my guild's next quilt show next February.  They'll fit right in with the show's theme, Quilt Color Splash

Now for a look at the old family quilt that started this project:

and here is the first unfinished quilt from this project.  I'll be taking this one all apart and rearranging the blocks as I'm still not pleased with the layout of it:

All the fabrics used in this setting are used in the two color block quilts above.