Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Few of the Quilt Shops we visited this past summer

I was asked if I had taken any photos of our travels and especially some of the quilt shops along the way.  Alas, I didn't get any inside photos but did take some outside photos of these shops.
Here's some of them.  Wish I had remembered to take them all.  Next year, I'll get some inside photos and I'll have my Bobbin Robin to go along with me.

Quilt Works in Albuquerque.
Great shop!  Lots of fabric and personable staff.
That's my Thunderbird in front.
Desert Rose Center in Tucumcari New Mexico
  Alas, not open on Sunday which is the day we went by them
 but took the photo anyway.  They are on the Old Route 66.

Great Plains Quilt Company in Burlingame, Kansas.
Another nice shop to visit in a beautiful town.

Quilter's Cupboard in Akeny, Iowa.  Cute little shop with more fabric than you'd think it could hold.
That's our Thunderbird in front.
Desert Rose Quilt Shop in Sioux Falls, SD.
Liked their pattern!
Quilter's Headquarter's in Sioux Falls, SD
An added bonus that they had a Quilt Trail block on their shop.

Here's the location of the Quilt Show where one of the vendors attending
 brought in their row by row license plate for me.
Lickety Stitch Quilt Shop in Lusk, Wyoming
Alas, another that we missed because we were traveling thru on Sunday.
Looks like it's a great shop.

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