Welcome! Use the tabs above to browse around other pages for more information about this blog and it's subjects.  It's been awhile since I've had a blog and things have changed, so a little history about my past -- If I can keep it "little" HA!  I'll be experimenting for awhile 'til I get used to this program so you might see many changes along the way.

     My past.  I started out with a small website back in 1998 where I posted the quilts I had completed previous to that time, then added some pages about my other interests which I probably won't post here since I have a major website already about them and links to them through my facebook personal page. I still have my copies of those first pages so will incorporate those quilt pages into this blog as I see fit. Those first pages were kind of like a blog, before blogs came to be, in fact, my main website was almost bloglike as I created pages to match my experiences in those fields at the time. I usually spend my winters updating those pages, when nothing else is "pressing" me.

   That gets me to this blog.  As the title suggests, the focus here will be on cats, my cats specifically, and cover areas that my FB page about them, doesn't.  As previously mentioned, I'll also be posting about my quilting experiences, going back to where I started from on the web to the present.  If you've ever had cats, you'll understand their affinity to quilts, particularly NEW quilts, or quilts you are working on.

Maybe I'll even eventually be sharing or selling some of my original block patterns if I can get back into the swing of doing that.

  Now, where does the Texas part come into this.  I also love nature, specifically wild flowers.  My location is north central Texas so there will be posts about the local wildflowers.  It's hard to imagine the number of different wild flowers that grow on my little spot of Texas.  I am still amazed after living in this spot 7 years. Texas is well known for it's spring and summer wildflowers due to the efforts of Lady Bird Johnson, wife of President Lyndon B. Johnson. Travel Texas highways in the spring and you'll see an abundance of wildflowers along the roadsides including our state flower, the Bluebonnet, most frequently found in the Central areas of Texas.

Time to sign off on this post as there is quilting to be done today!

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