Saturday, April 18, 2015

My Jacob's Ladder Project part #10

Worked on the first quilt again.  Got all the blocks taken apart. Now in the process of rearranging.  Started putting them on the wall.  Realized that I needed a few more blocks (or so I thought).  Wasn't hard to put together two more blocks so ended up with this arrangement

After getting them all sorted out, realized that I had a 6x7 arrangement.  I had planned a 6x6!  Guess I had too much fun putting them all together on the wall.  Now I'm not sure what I'll do.  Either take out 7 blocks and get some of the blocks out of there that just don't seem to fit or leave it as is.

I've been taking pics of different arrangements and moving blocks around as it is.  I also found that somehow, 3 blocks are identical.  Don't know how I ended up with 3 identicals but don't remember what I was doing exactly, 2 1/2 years ago when I started this whole thing.  There are a couple of floral blocks that also don't fit well in the quilt.  so, that makes 4 blocks that I can easily remove.  Just need to decide which other 3 I don't really need.  Might make the flow of light to dark easier to manage.

Here it is with 6 removed (didn't need to remove 7 - got to get my math right)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Catification Progress

The first phase of the catification project in the living room is complete.  Just one more thing to do to the TV cabinet area and that phase will be done.  The two boys use the new "steps" easily now.  The climbing pole has been turned around and that helped them get up and down even better.  I've also been leaving treats on the steps which they enjoy finding.  Gypsum seems to get the most but Butch is in there trying, too.  Rainey has tried out the steps a couple of times but she's not making any habit right now of going up them. Goldie hasn't even been interested.
A couple of portraits of Gypsum and Butch since these steps have lent themselves to making decent photos of them.

This last photo is the goal.  The place that Gypsum and Butch .... and Rainey ... and Goldie like to get up and away from the floor and sleep in peace.  There is room for 4 up there.  Both beds will hold 2 but there are not 4 cats in this house that will sleep together, just 3.  It's rare for Goldie to sleep with both of her kids at the same time but Rainey definitely likes to sleep alone.  It also appears that Scooter will be like Rainey in that regard.

The last part of this catification project will be the down side on the other end of the cabinet.  That's the one that Rainey needs.  I have started clearing away the clutter on the end table but still have to find a spot for the flashlights and the picture frame. Maybe I'll have to get the turkey closet emptied out.