Friday, May 22, 2015

Spring is here! with another project started.

A lot has happened this past month.  Still working on the Jacob's Ladder project.  However, also have done some quilt fabric shopping and am excited by my latest color additions to the stash.  So let me tell you about part of last weekend.  Spent Saturday and Sunday in Granbury, Tx and only visited one shop:  Houston Mercantile Fabrics on the Square  in Granbury.  "On the Square" means the original center of town which was built around the Hood County Court House.  There are shops and parking on all 4 side streets around  the court house.

Texas Courthouses are a hobby in itself with well over 200 old style Courthouses built from the 1880's to the 1920's  to find in the 254 counties.  of those over 200 courthouses, 63 have been restored to their former self.
I digressed from today's blog subject:
Here's the 5 fabrics I found that I couldn't resist.  Started out with the bottom one and added the other 4 as their colors all went together.

Have already started the first project which is almost finished.  Just covering some rectangular frames with each of the fabrics for a wall decor item.  
Next project with the fabrics will be an illusion quilt with "floating" blocks of color.  Above is the sample:  Already have two of the fabric cuts made.  Now to cut the strips and start putting it together. 
 The colors so remind me of the spring we are having now.  

Since the middle of April, we've been getting much needed rain.  Enough so that the lake behind our place has replenished itself after 3 years of drought and has even flooded over into nearby fields and our back acre. We had been getting worried about enough water to keep the fish alive.  Not so now.  I've never seen our land as saturated with water as it is now and the rain keeps coming.  Of course, we've only been here 8 1/2 years so haven't seen a lot of the local, rural weather.

All the trees in the county and the surrounding counties have turned a deep, dark, rich green which I have never seen them do in the past and the fields are full of lush greens.  Such a variety of greens.  Since the trees are greening up at different rates depending on type, they make some beautiful contrasts.

 The wildflowers are plentiful with many sprouting up where I had never noticed them in the past.  I've even found several species I hadn't noticed before in my own fields.  I think this spring is what is making me excited about doing this project with these fabrics.

Of course, all my time wasn't spent in 1 shop as we were there to watch a play and also eat!  Just can't get away from that daily habit.