Wednesday, October 10, 2018

2018 and quilts not done.

Sigh!  More than a year since my last post.  Lots has happened in some ways and little in other ways.  I never completed the 2017 Row by Row quilt.  5 rows were put together but never completed.  They hang on my design wall where I see them daily.  Just not inspired to complete or do the other rows ... yet.

 The 2015 quilt is still not pieced together.  It also hangs on the design wall.

 I've started one baby quilt which just needs to be quilted now.  I will probably not do normal quilting on it.  It's pieced on one side and backed by a solid fabric of Minky type.  Very soft fur on the back side so I didn't put a batting in it.

 The 2018 Row by Row is almost over.  Of course, just had to get the local pattern blocks for it.  Have a design for the 2018 quilt but still not inspired to work on it.

and then there are the previous quilt tops I've finished but never layered and quilted.

Meanwhile,  I did spend a month in WA state this past April.  Picked up 3 baby quilt tops from my step-mother's estate which I have  layered and are ready for quilting.  Don't know why they are not done yet.  The projects seem to keep stacking up and not getting done.  Mending pile is also increasing, most sheets that need some minor repairs.  Maybe I should just throw out the computers and get back to the way my life was before the internet came along.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

2017 has been around for 6 months!

Oh, My!  I suppose no news is good news will explain it, ... I guess.  Apparently haven't been in a writing mood lately, at least for this blog.  Thought I had one in the works last January but no, nothing.

It's June and the annual Row by Row Shop Hop is getting ready for action again on June 21.  I've been planning what to do, well, may be not so much.  Have been downloading the row photos as they show up on facebook but not sure how I want to do it this year.  More shops are involved this year and I might make my West Texas loop again like I did last year but don't know if I'll have time to do them all as there are some new ones on the route.  Some rows I want but they are not in an area of Texas that I will be visiting anytime this summer.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

2016 Row by Row, etc...

Heck, 2016 is just about over and I never posted about my Row by Row experience this year.  I have not finished the 2015 Row by Row quilt... yet but it is in the works. Meanwhile I DID start and finish the 2016 Row by Row quilt though I didn't get near as many row patterns as last year plus I did turn it in for a prize from my local quilt shop, Quilter's Dream.  Here's the quilt as it was finished:

Note that my Bobbin the Robin is also in the picture and some of her friends are flying away from their nest in one of the rows in search of their new homes on the side of the quilt.

Meanwhile, Row by Row Experience just posted their Theme for 2017: "Row by Row On the Go" with a video on the different ways these rows might look for next year, basically, how we get from one place to the next, either by land, air, or sea in our quests.  My mind is already thinking about how I can incorporate one of my T-birds into the rows that come out for next year.  Will just have to see what the rows look like when they start getting posted from the different quilt shops on the web next spring.

Loved watching facebook as quilters turned in their quilts at shops and was inspired by some of the settings and use of colors to enhance the rows and the layout.   After looking at my 2015 rows I had finished last fall in one layout, saw another layout that I really liked.  I rearranged the rows and came up with a design that I like so someday I'll get around to finishing it up.

Still might do a little more rearranging of the rows but I do like the positions of the rows going around the center medallion row but thinking that I might make it so it can be hung in two different directions and still be able to see the rows without twisting my head around.  Will be putting a border on it, too.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Quilting, too

Good grief!  Started this post (see below) Dec 12, 2015 and never got back to it.  Here it is mid May and I haven't said a word yet.
I've started yet another project.  Row by Row Experience 2015 is not really over.  It's all those patterns I collected and then some.  Meanwhile even the business Row by Row is still active thru the winter to help us use all those patterns we collected.  This December, Row by Row Studio presented us "collectors" an advent quilt pattern layout to use our rows collected OR to use the rows being presented daily in the advent quilt. The quilt is large: 108"x111".  So... I've gone thru my collected patterns and pulled out some that might fit together along with some of the rows that's being presented. (which means I am having to buy some of the row patterns).

I suspect this project is meant to show us quilters that there are other layouts to use to make a quilt from these rows.  Next year's 2016 theme has also been presented.  It's going to be "Home Sweet Home" which really lends itself to a row quilt.  Wish I had gotten involved with the Row shop hop back in 2014 as the theme for that year was "Seasons".  I could use some seasonal wall hangings of that sort around my already cluttered house.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Cat Bed Update

Making more cat beds for this winter season as my cats like to use them anywhere in the house I can find a spot they like.  I started out this time making the 14" size and noticed that though the cats will use them, they seem to prefer the larger ones for long time naps as they can easily move around in them and even sleep together.  My cats range from 7 lbs to 17 lbs and varying lengths.  The old original bed I had bought years ago is too small, I'm going to give away as the cats will not use it but all the rest seem to get used.

 The green bed is the 14" size.  Black Goldie can curl up in it easily as she only weighs 7lbs but her son Butch (on the right) is 17# and barely fits in. I probably won't make any more that size again.

The black bed on the left is 18" and easily fits 2 large cats but they are stuffed so a 19" would probably work better for them.  The brown one on the right is 17" and will also fit 2 cats at once but fits a single cat very nicely.  The brown one below is 16x18 (oval instead of a circle).  Rainey enjoys it as it sits next to my reading chair.  She's not a lap cat but does enjoy being close.  When she's not in it though, others will hop in to be next to me.  She's not happy about that and will pace the house for awhile until whomever has taken it over, gets out.  She's picky that way.
 Another thing I've noticed is that the cats like to rest their head on the side of the beds, hence the following pictures showing them.

Note that all of these are the 14" size beds.  No two come out exactly alike but they will use them especially if they feel cold.

The pattern for these beds is here

Friday, November 27, 2015

More progress on the Row by Row

Have to laugh.  At this rate, I don't think I could get one done for next year's row by row hop.  I'll try though.  So back to the progress on the 2015 RbyR.  Guess I'm taking little steps at a time.
Need borders for a couple of the rows to get them to fit in the quilt.  Ran out of the dark blue fabric and haven't tried looking for more so bought some of a similar color but with a design and hope it works out ok.  Meanwhile making cat beds.  Not even progressing very fast on those.  I've had 6 cut out for a week now and just sit and look at them every now and then while I get busy on the computer doing just "stuff".  After this is posted, will turn off the computer.  (ha! you say).

Here's the latest pic of the RbyR.  Had it to this point about 3 weeks ago.
I will say that the mermaid was really fun to do.  Hardest part was finding the right fabrics in my stash to make it similar to the store's colors in their row..  The background came out so well.  Really pleased with it.

Meanwhile, contacted the Wyoming shop we had to pass up on our way home (Lickety Stitch Q.S. in Lusk) and bought their row kit when it was available to buy.  Beautiful row.  Going to get the row from Bandera, TX as it's also a beauty.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Progress on Row X Row at last.

Oct 19
Finally.  The baby quilt is almost all done now; just hand sewing on the last of the binding when I meet with my bee.  That has given me time to work on the last 3 rows for my quilt.  One row is 90% complete, with just putting the finishing touches on the applique.  The next row  has the appliques all cut out, and now working on the background.  Work on the last row will probably start on Sunday.

The spring quilt has gone to a long arm machine quilter to have it quilted as I just did not want to spend the time to hand quilt it or machine quilt it on my home machine.  There is so much green on it, even the backside.  Looking forward to getting it back though I'll have to do the trimming and binding.

Nov 7: Updates on above.  A lot has happened.

First the baby quilt is done except for the label and hanging sleeve as I plan to put it in the Bear Creek Quilt Guild's Quilt Show next February.

The spring quilt has been machine quilted by a friend, Traci of "Let Me Quilt It", in Keller, TX.  I still have to trim off the edges, bind it and make the hanging sleeve as it will also go in same Quilt Show.

Meanwhile, have progressed on the Row by Row.  Though the RbyR "contest" is over, that doesn't stop me from making the quilt and I have decided to make it even wider so adding two more rows.  Row # 10 is being worked on now.  When it's done, I'll do the finishing touches on the rows and start machine quilting the individual rows before putting them all together.

The quilt will now have a row from Stanwood, WA and one from Stillwater, OK. The Stillwater row is the one I'm working on now.  The quilt will actually "sport" 12 rows but 2 of those rows have been separated out and 1 of those is actually a duplicate of one of the other rows. Maybe next year, I'll just do 4 rows on the front and 4 on back as a few other quilters ended up doing so it ends up the size of a baby quilt or good for a reversible wall hanging.