Friday, November 27, 2015

More progress on the Row by Row

Have to laugh.  At this rate, I don't think I could get one done for next year's row by row hop.  I'll try though.  So back to the progress on the 2015 RbyR.  Guess I'm taking little steps at a time.
Need borders for a couple of the rows to get them to fit in the quilt.  Ran out of the dark blue fabric and haven't tried looking for more so bought some of a similar color but with a design and hope it works out ok.  Meanwhile making cat beds.  Not even progressing very fast on those.  I've had 6 cut out for a week now and just sit and look at them every now and then while I get busy on the computer doing just "stuff".  After this is posted, will turn off the computer.  (ha! you say).

Here's the latest pic of the RbyR.  Had it to this point about 3 weeks ago.
I will say that the mermaid was really fun to do.  Hardest part was finding the right fabrics in my stash to make it similar to the store's colors in their row..  The background came out so well.  Really pleased with it.

Meanwhile, contacted the Wyoming shop we had to pass up on our way home (Lickety Stitch Q.S. in Lusk) and bought their row kit when it was available to buy.  Beautiful row.  Going to get the row from Bandera, TX as it's also a beauty.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Progress on Row X Row at last.

Oct 19
Finally.  The baby quilt is almost all done now; just hand sewing on the last of the binding when I meet with my bee.  That has given me time to work on the last 3 rows for my quilt.  One row is 90% complete, with just putting the finishing touches on the applique.  The next row  has the appliques all cut out, and now working on the background.  Work on the last row will probably start on Sunday.

The spring quilt has gone to a long arm machine quilter to have it quilted as I just did not want to spend the time to hand quilt it or machine quilt it on my home machine.  There is so much green on it, even the backside.  Looking forward to getting it back though I'll have to do the trimming and binding.

Nov 7: Updates on above.  A lot has happened.

First the baby quilt is done except for the label and hanging sleeve as I plan to put it in the Bear Creek Quilt Guild's Quilt Show next February.

The spring quilt has been machine quilted by a friend, Traci of "Let Me Quilt It", in Keller, TX.  I still have to trim off the edges, bind it and make the hanging sleeve as it will also go in same Quilt Show.

Meanwhile, have progressed on the Row by Row.  Though the RbyR "contest" is over, that doesn't stop me from making the quilt and I have decided to make it even wider so adding two more rows.  Row # 10 is being worked on now.  When it's done, I'll do the finishing touches on the rows and start machine quilting the individual rows before putting them all together.

The quilt will now have a row from Stanwood, WA and one from Stillwater, OK. The Stillwater row is the one I'm working on now.  The quilt will actually "sport" 12 rows but 2 of those rows have been separated out and 1 of those is actually a duplicate of one of the other rows. Maybe next year, I'll just do 4 rows on the front and 4 on back as a few other quilters ended up doing so it ends up the size of a baby quilt or good for a reversible wall hanging.