Tuesday, October 25, 2016

2016 Row by Row, etc...

Heck, 2016 is just about over and I never posted about my Row by Row experience this year.  I have not finished the 2015 Row by Row quilt... yet but it is in the works. Meanwhile I DID start and finish the 2016 Row by Row quilt though I didn't get near as many row patterns as last year plus I did turn it in for a prize from my local quilt shop, Quilter's Dream.  Here's the quilt as it was finished:

Note that my Bobbin the Robin is also in the picture and some of her friends are flying away from their nest in one of the rows in search of their new homes on the side of the quilt.

Meanwhile, Row by Row Experience just posted their Theme for 2017: "Row by Row On the Go" with a video on the different ways these rows might look for next year, basically, how we get from one place to the next, either by land, air, or sea in our quests.  My mind is already thinking about how I can incorporate one of my T-birds into the rows that come out for next year.  Will just have to see what the rows look like when they start getting posted from the different quilt shops on the web next spring.

Loved watching facebook as quilters turned in their quilts at shops and was inspired by some of the settings and use of colors to enhance the rows and the layout.   After looking at my 2015 rows I had finished last fall in one layout, saw another layout that I really liked.  I rearranged the rows and came up with a design that I like so someday I'll get around to finishing it up.

Still might do a little more rearranging of the rows but I do like the positions of the rows going around the center medallion row but thinking that I might make it so it can be hung in two different directions and still be able to see the rows without twisting my head around.  Will be putting a border on it, too.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Quilting, too

Good grief!  Started this post (see below) Dec 12, 2015 and never got back to it.  Here it is mid May and I haven't said a word yet.
I've started yet another project.  Row by Row Experience 2015 is not really over.  It's all those patterns I collected and then some.  Meanwhile even the business Row by Row is still active thru the winter to help us use all those patterns we collected.  This December, Row by Row Studio presented us "collectors" an advent quilt pattern layout to use our rows collected OR to use the rows being presented daily in the advent quilt. The quilt is large: 108"x111".  So... I've gone thru my collected patterns and pulled out some that might fit together along with some of the rows that's being presented. (which means I am having to buy some of the row patterns).

I suspect this project is meant to show us quilters that there are other layouts to use to make a quilt from these rows.  Next year's 2016 theme has also been presented.  It's going to be "Home Sweet Home" which really lends itself to a row quilt.  Wish I had gotten involved with the Row shop hop back in 2014 as the theme for that year was "Seasons".  I could use some seasonal wall hangings of that sort around my already cluttered house.