The Quilts & My UFOs

Decided this was the place for my UFOs (UnFinishedObjects).  Going back thru old photos and found some of my pictures of quilts I was working on. Decided to bring them up to where I could be reminded that these needed finished.
First is a quilt from my grandson.  I needed to get this done 4 years ago so he could use it!  All it needs now is quilting.  Here's the front and back side of the quilt.

I do have a quilting frame that it should be next in line to go on.  hmm, that should say "first" in line to go on.

Then there are the quilt blocks that I pieced together that year (2011), dresden plates that a neighbor had given me the pre-cut pieces that she decided she was never going to get done.  Wasn't so hard to put the pieces together but then I could not decide on the backing color.  It appears from my photos that fabric I tried out was just not going to work so now I'm leaning towards putting them on a black background or at least a much darker, plain background.  I had planned to have the background a floral design but after looking at the blocks sitting on some different backgrounds, decided that the floral prints of the backgrounds were all fighting with the floral print in the blocks as you can see below.  Why has it taken me so long to figure out why those backgrounds weren't working?
Now I know what to do with them, just have to decide on a color to use AND find a quilt shop with a good selection of colors to work with. At least I had not sewn any of the plates down to a background!  During my RowbyRow shop hopping I was doing these last few weeks (june/july 2015) I did not note very well what the different shops had that I might use sometime in the future.  At least I can get to most of them with out too much travel time.

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