Friday, May 13, 2016

Quilting, too

Good grief!  Started this post (see below) Dec 12, 2015 and never got back to it.  Here it is mid May and I haven't said a word yet.
I've started yet another project.  Row by Row Experience 2015 is not really over.  It's all those patterns I collected and then some.  Meanwhile even the business Row by Row is still active thru the winter to help us use all those patterns we collected.  This December, Row by Row Studio presented us "collectors" an advent quilt pattern layout to use our rows collected OR to use the rows being presented daily in the advent quilt. The quilt is large: 108"x111".  So... I've gone thru my collected patterns and pulled out some that might fit together along with some of the rows that's being presented. (which means I am having to buy some of the row patterns).

I suspect this project is meant to show us quilters that there are other layouts to use to make a quilt from these rows.  Next year's 2016 theme has also been presented.  It's going to be "Home Sweet Home" which really lends itself to a row quilt.  Wish I had gotten involved with the Row shop hop back in 2014 as the theme for that year was "Seasons".  I could use some seasonal wall hangings of that sort around my already cluttered house.