My Part of Texas

Photo was taken during sunrise looking to the northwest. It can be beautiful that way, too.

 I live in the north Central part of Texas, near the Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ) National Grasslands. Spring is a great time of the year to view the various wildflowers blooming however those flowers start to bloom in late winter in my area so there are new flower types blooming each week from late February through to October depending on the species and the weather. One winter, we had flowers from January 1st right up to the fall blooming flowers, almost 11 months of new flowers in bloom. It is more normal though for the flowering season to end with the first frosts in mid November and start up again in mid-February.

 I do have a catalog of wildflowers on my main website where I have been putting up their species and common names along with photos. I do try to just put up flowers that I find in my local area so I don't have an extensive listing but it's also not small. It's a work in progress. Eventually will have photos of as many of the flowers in various stages of their growth through their seasons from just a green plant to the end of their seed stages.

 The blog will host landscape pictures through the seasons.

The link to my website about the north Texas WildFlowers

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